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        Consultation hotline:


        TWELL Electronics

               Kunshan SJ Electronic Scince&Technology Co., Ltd(KSSJ) originated from Shanghai YKC Circuit Board Co., Ltd. It was a joint venture between Shanghai Jinling Co., Ltd. and Japan YKC Co., Ltd. It mainly produces and sells single and double-sided board, carbon film board, carbon & silver paste through-hole board, carbon  & silver cross over board , mainly for the world-famous enterprises of Japan and the United States. In 2011, the company began to transform and restructure and successively extended sales companies and factories,such as Shanghai Twell Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd(TWELL)、 Hong Kong SJ Techonogy Limited.(HKSJ)、Kunshan SJ Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd(KSSJ).Kunshan SJ Electronic Science&Technology Co., Ltd(KSSJ) mainly produces all kinds of high and low resistance carbon film boards. The products are used for all kinds of automobile switches and air conditioning damper actuators、speed...

        The enterprise culture

        Grow together with partners and create a better company to bring a better future
        Become the industry leader trusted by customers
        Sense of worth
        Gratitude, integrity, progress, cooperation and innovation

        Product center

        Manufacturing process

          Double-sided board process flow (e.g. HASL surface treatment):

        Board cutting---Drilling---Horizontal through-hole (conductive polymer film)---Electroplating (VCP one-time copper plating)---Outer layer production (dry film, etching)---Outer layer AOI inspection (semi-finished product inspection)---Solder Mask---Text-printing--- HASL---Forming (milling, V-CUT, finished product cleaning)---Electrical logging (finished product inspection)---FQC (visual examination)---Packaging---Entering warehouse

        Enterprise characteristics

        48 hours Regular PCB shipment 3 days Carbon film sample shipment 5 days PCBA sample shipment
        24 years of technology and experience accumulation

        The life of carbon film can reach 1 million times, the linearity tolerance of carbon film can reach 1%, and the flexible carbon film plate can be made

        R & D supporting capacity of high-tech products

        It has the purchasing channels of special materials, Conductive paste and equipment, core patented technology, and continuous research and development of new processes and product

        Core brand technology

        One stop supporting, PCB design, production, carbon film processing, component purchasing, SMT/DIP processing

        Excellent Quality and quick response

        Mature quality management team, provide project leader for core customers, ensure quality and fast service

        Production equipment


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